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Interview with Prof. Lewis on Trading Strategy Secrets.

Many of us know Prof. Matthew Lewis as one who has dedicated most of his academic career to helping lower class income students from around the world reach their financial goals. But what we didn’t know about Prof. Lewis will shock you!

After our long interview with the Professor, he finally revealed for the first time his biggest finding, CodeFibo. A software which has been under R&D for the past 5 years. A trading technology which the Professor and his students use daily to trade simply and on autopilot while seeing huge daily returns.

In the professor’s words “CodeFibo’s two key elements and the reason for its massive achievements in the trading world, are based on our on-going upgraded Fibonacci strategies and our impressive execution technology”.


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“This is without any doubt my best investment ever! So far I've had 87% of my signals come out as winning trades and I feel like it's just the beginning. I'll soon be up on the 14k mark and it has barely been a month! Great product and user experience!”.